"The future of music listening" - The Guardian

“How it should be heard” - What Hi-Fi?

“It feels like taking one step closer to the music” - Metro

"I urge you to find a Pitchblack Playback event near you and go along" - TechRadar

"Switch your phone to airplane mode for an hour, bed down and shut out the outside world. Doesn't that sound pretty damn great?" - Time Out

“One of London's 10 Coolest things To Do This Week" - GQ

"It was all too easy to fall into a peaceful, half-hypnotized state. I couldn't be completely sure my mind was all there for the entirety of the show" - AOL.com

Didn’t know it was possible to fall even more in love with an album”

"I love the Pitchblack Playback events because one of the frustrations about mixing in spatial audio is the knowledge that most people will never get to hear it the way I did in my studio - after all how many people have a full spatial audio setup in their home? Listening to a binaural version on headphones can be good, but it’s nowhere near the magical experience of hearing a fully discrete spatial audio mix coming from all around you in a beautiful sounding room. There’s also something wonderful about the experience of hearing an album with other like-minded people, in the dark and without any distractions. It’s the way I remember experiencing music when I was a teenager, turning out the lights and just allowing myself to be carried away by the music." - GRAMMY Award-nominated producer and musician, Steven Wilson

Considering how much listening I do in life for work and pleasure, I've actually never had an experience like this: big, loud PA; all lights off; darkness all around; comfy couch and eye mask to experience the album in its full intensity and without any distractions whatsoever." - GRAMMY Award-winning engineer, Marc Urselli

"It was better than a concert in some aspects"

"I've listened to 'Nevermind' thousands of times but I heard things tonight I'd never heard before"

I've been listening to Sigur Rós '()' since the day it came out, but that was the first I've ever really heard it.

I’ve never heard 'Kid A' sound that good.

"Both times I've been I've had an out-of-body experience." - Jonny, artist manager

It was a lot better than I expected actually... it was like inhabiting the album for a while.

"It really draws the narrative of the album out even more."

It feels like you're in a trip and you can actually go back to that era."